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Are Daily Contact Lenses My Best Choice?


Are Daily Contact Lenses My Best Choice?

When soft contact lenses first came on the scene, the ocular community went wild. People no longer had to put up with the initial discomfort that hard lenses dealt to you, and a more frequent replacement schedule surely meant better overall health for the eye, right? In many cases this was so. The first soft lenses were made of a material called HEMA, a plastic-like polymer that made the lenses very soft and comfortable. The downside to this material was that it didn’t allow very much oxygen to the cornea (significantly less than the hard lenses), which bred a whole different line of health risks to the eye.

As the contact lens companies tried to deal with these new issues that arose, they started to create lenses that you not only replaced more frequently, but also the materials themselves changed from HEMA to SiHy, or silicone hydrogel. The oxygen transmission problem was solved, but an interesting new phenomenon occurred. Because these were supposed to be the “healthiest” lenses ever created, many people started over wear their lenses. This contact lens over wear led to things like inflamed, red, itchy eyes, corneal ulcers, and hypoxia (of lack of oxygen) from sleeping with lenses in at night. A new solution had to be introduced.

Thus, was born the daily disposable contact lens, which is now the go-to lens modality of most eye care practitioners. Daily disposables (dailies) are one-time use, and therefore there is no risk of over wear, lack of oxygen, or any other negative effect of extended wear (2 week or monthly) contacts. While up-front costs of dailies are higher than their counterparts, there are significant savings in terms of manufacturer rebates. In addition, buying contact lens solution is no longer necessary! For these reasons, I fit as many people as possible into dailies. While a very small minority of patients’ prescriptions are not yet available in dailies, the clear majority are, and it has, in addition, worked wonders for patients who have failed in other contacts, especially those who have dry eyes. Ask us how if dailies might be the right fit for you. Call Now

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Friday, 22 October 2021

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