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Who will you trust to do your cataract surgery?

Maybe you have been told you need cataract surgery. Maybe you have just begun to notice that your vision is not what it used to be and you are concerned cataracts may be th reason. You now have a big decision to make. Who are you going to trust to not only help make the decision about surgery but to actually do the procedure? You want someone with experience and great outcomes. How do you find them? The people you hear about through mass media are just the people who spend the most money advertising, not necessarily the best surgeons. What you need is real data, not just hype and advertising.
The surgeons of Shore Eye Associates are pleased to present our cataract surgery data which has been collected from our practice by the American Academy of Ophthalmology along with thousands of other practices across the US. The data collected includes two key measures in regards to cataract surgery: the percentage of surgeries that achieved 20/40 vision or better within 90 days of surgery and percentage of complications within 30 days of surgery requiring further surgical procedures. In the 4th Quarter of 2014 the surgeons of Shore Eye Associates achieved a vision of 20/40 or better in their cataract surgery patients 100% of the time versus the national average of 87% and had 0% of their cases requiring further procedures in the first 30 days versus a national average of 1%.
So when the question of who do you trust to do your cataract surgery arises the answer is clear. Shore Eye Associates- no hype, just clearly better.

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