Progressive Add Lens 

A quick explanation and background of this progressive addition lens is necessary in order to understand the importance of choosing the proper lens for your needs. The progressive lens give people an array of prescriptions, placed in the proper positions throughout the lens, to best imitate normal vision. Imagine having the precise correction needed to see a television screen more than 15 feet from you, while reading this article on your desktop computer, and then looking down at your keyboard in order to start entering the address to your favorite website. This in a nutshell is exactly what the progressive lens is ideally capable of accomplishing all with one pair of glasses.

Having the least amount of peripheral distortion, and one of the wider ranges in both distance power, astigmatism, prism, and add power availability we find this lens to be very versatile. To you the most important thing is this product feels very natural in front of your eye. For first time progressive lens wearers, there is a stigma that it takes a bit of time to adjust to a lens that holds multiple prescriptions. This is often still an issue when places use old technology lenses or don’t take careful measurements to assure the proper placement on the lens in the frame. However, with modern technology, the use of computers to fine tune this amazing product, and careful measurements and lens positioning by your optician this lens does the best job we have seen in mimicking perfect 20/20 vision at all focal lengths.

Along with the progressive lens itself, there are a multitude of other additional treatments, or “add-ons” that can immensely improve one’s experience with their glasses. These products will be touched upon in future articles in more depth, but options such as Transition Photochromic application, Anti-Reflective Coatings, choosing a Polycarbonate scratch resistant lens, are just a few of the more popular choices.

So please, when making a decision for your next pair of eyeglasses understand this. Vision is an incredibly important aspect of daily life. And it should therefore be treated with the utmost care and importance. Along with keeping up with your yearly examinations, make sure you are treating your eyes properly when it comes with your decisions for corrective lenses. The opticians at Shore Optical do a wonderful job staying educated on the newest technology, and are always able to help you make the best decision possible for your next pair of visual aids.