Keeping your new glasses clean
Now that you have picked up your new pair of prescription eyeglasses, your focus becomes taking care of them. A task many disregard, it is absolutely imperative that you make sure you are following a couple simple steps in order to keep the quality of your vision where it is with your new spectacles. We are all guilty of using a garment of clothing when in a rush to wipe away a pesky smudge. This act is unfortunately the worst thing you can do for your lenses. No matter how freshly clean your clothes are, dust particles and even small bits of sand and debris cling to our clothes. Since eyeglass lenses are not made of diamonds, these tiny little particles can do tremendous amounts of damage to your new glasses. The smallest little crumb can grind an inconspicuous little scratch directly in your line of vision, which in turn, will render your glasses almost useless. Most of us know what it feels like trying to concentrate on the world in front of you when there is a little scratch distorting and distracting your vision. Most of the time, these little scratches could be avoided by following a few simple steps.

            You may have noticed when shopping in your favorite store, that they sell an abundance of different types of eyeglass cleaners. Hopefully you also noticed that when visiting Shore Optical, we do not sell any of those products. There is a reason for that. The sprays and wipes that you can purchase in other retail stores are not necessarily approved for all types of eyeglass lens materials. This factor makes them fall under that category of products we cannot recommend. Most of these liquids contain a form of acetone or other cleaning agent that is just too harsh for your plastic lenses. Many years ago when all eyeglasses were actually made out of crown glass, these products would have worked just fine. Now during a time where they have developed thinner lighter materials like cr-39 plastic, and polycarbonate, these products have proven to be too hard on the lenses. Over time the lenses will start to break down if exposed to the chemicals used in these sprays, causing a fogging effect.  Once again you are left with a pair of glasses that are now unable to be worn  

Now that we have gone over the two main culprits in the destruction of eyeglass lenses other than accidents, let us focus on some tips to extend the lifetime of your glasses. First and most important, using an eyeglass case. For the large portion of patients who wear their glasses all day, we understand how frustrating it can be to carry a case around. We promise you it is not as frustrating as realizing the new pair of eyeglasses you just purchased are scratched and ruined. Also, you do not need to carry the case with you everywhere. Strategically leaving a case on a bedside table, car, and in a woman’s purse is the difference between “life or death” for your glasses. Shore Optical always supplies its patients with a case upon picking up of their glasses, and please feel free to ask for another if necessary.

In regards to cleaning your glasses, there is a very simple way of doing this that does not require you to purchase anything you do not already have at home right now. Using lukewarm water at the sink, place a small pea sized dab of dish soap on your fingers. Gently rub the soap on both lenses from side to side, and proceed to rinse off with warm water. A disposable paper towel is also recommended to dry the glasses and you are all done. Disposable towels work because they are just that, disposable, which guarantees they are not carrying any dirt or sand from a prior use. This is what we use in our offices for every pair of glasses we clean throughout each day.

            As long as you follow these steps you are guaranteed to keep your eyeglasses in great condition until your next yearly examination. Shore Optical can also supply you with a small microfiber cloth to keep in your eyeglass case. These cloths are good as long as you remember to periodically clean them to rid them of any debris they may have picked up. These products are much safer to use than your own personal clothing garments in a time of need. So please feel free to also request one the next time you are in to pick up or order eyeglasses.