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Why everyone who has had LASIK surgery should get their records NOW.

lasik records

No this is not a late night personal injury lawyer infomercial.

This is a recommendation that you have your records available, for your own good, later in life.

There are 2 million cataract surgeries done in the US and the odds are, if you live long enough, you will eventually need cataract surgery too.

What does this have to do with LASIK surgery? 

When we perform cataract surgery we remove the cataract which is the lens of your eye which has become cloudy.  We replace that lens with an artificial lens called an Intraocular Lens implant (IOL).

The IOL needs to have a strength to it to match your eye so that things are in focus without the need for strong prescription eyeglasses.

Currently we determine the strength the IOL needs to be by using formulas that mostly depend on the measurements of the curvature of the cornea and the length of the eye.

Those formulas work best when the cornea is its natural shape i.e., not previously altered shape after LASIK.

If you plug the “new” post-LASIK corneal shape into the formulas the IOL strength that comes out is often significantly off the strength you really need to see well.

This is where having your records comes in.

Knowing what your eyeglass prescription and corneal shape was BEFORE you had LASIK greatly improves our formula’s ability to predict the correct implant strength.

In most states there is a limit to how long a doctor needs to keep your records after your last visit.  In NJ that time period is 7 years.

So everyone who has had LASIK surgery should get a copy of your pre and post LASIK records NOW before they no longer exist.

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Saturday, 25 September 2021

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