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Demodex Mites and Your Eyelashes

demodex Demodex Mites and Your Eyelashes Demodex is a mite that occurs naturally on many people's faces and resides in hair follicles, and in particular the follicles of eyelashes. Most of the time, demodex causes no problems whatsoever. However, sometimes an infestation can become particularly parasitic, resulting in unhealthy eyelid margins...
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Blephex for Blepharitis

Blephex  Blast Blepharitis with Blephex!   We, at Shore Eye Associates, now have an excellent treatment for the most common eye disease that we treat (Blepharitis).  The Blephex system is currently one of the best treatment options available for sufferers of this eye condition, as it is the one treatment that...
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What's that Lump on my Eyelid?

stye What's that lump on my eyelid? So you’re going about your day and notice a slight twinge when you blink. It starts off as a mild awareness, then proceeds to a painful feeling with every blink. You look in the mirror to see what could be causing it, and there...
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Why do I have to keep pulling mucous out of my eye?

conjunctivitis Mucous Fishing Syndrome The tears that coat the surface of your eyes have both a liquid and a mucous layer to them.  It is normal to have a very thin amount of mucous in your tear film.  That mucous component can significantly increase when the eye gets irritated.Some of the most common...
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Guest — Nicole


If you are not supposed to remove it, how is it supposed to go away? Sometimes I simply blink and there's so much in my eye I can... Read More
Tuesday, 04 June 2019 02:52
Dr. Wnorowski


The act of removing it continues to irritate the eye and makes you continue producing mucous.Most to the time if you can just put ... Read More
Tuesday, 04 June 2019 11:54
Guest — Carol - IL

Agree with Nicole -Can't See

I agree w/Nicole. Often there's enough in my eye I can't see. Everything is blurry. (for years I didn't realize it was mucous & ... Read More
Thursday, 04 March 2021 05:55
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Dry Eyes or Allergies: Which do I Have?

redeye Dry Eyes or Allergies: Which do I have? As an eye doctor, diagnosing a red eye can be challenging.  Are we dealing with an infection, allergy, inflammation or dryness? One of the most common questions I get is, “Doc, my eyes are red, burning, itchy, and tearing. Is this dry...
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