Glaucoma is frequently referred to as the Thief of Sight. It is a disease that damages the eye’s optic nerve. The optic nerve is connected to the retina — a layer of light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye — and is made up of many nerve fibers, like an electric cable is made up of many wires. It is the optic nerve that sends signals from your retina to your brain, where these signals are interpreted as the images you see.

Your eye is a sphere with fluid filling the internal cavity. The eye needs some degree of pressure to keep it inflated. That pressure sometimes becomes high enough to start to damage the optic nerve. When the nerve starts to become damaged it is called Glaucoma. Glaucoma can cause blindness if it is left untreated. Only about half of the estimated three million Americans who have glaucoma are even aware that they have the condition. When glaucoma develops, usually you don’t have any early symptoms and the disease progresses slowly. In this way, glaucoma can steal your sight very gradually. Fortunately, early detection and treatment(with glaucoma eyedrops, glaucoma surgery or both) can help preserve your vision.

Newly Diagnosed with Glaucoma, what are my treatment options?

 We utilize the entire spectrum of early glaucoma detection devices to assure you get the best care available. We have available a fully automated perimeter, ultrasonic corneal pachymetry, stereo digital optic nerve photography, and both OCT and HRT nerve analyzers. We offer all available medical and surgical glaucoma care including the newest glaucoma laser treatment SLT or selective laser trabeculoplasty, Endocyclophotocoagulation , CyPass Stent and the Trabectome.  

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